Tuesday, April 20, 2010

backorders worry

Am flying off tomorrow to get stocks and collect my backorders.
I am a born worry-wart, I cant rest assured til I see the items in my hands,
packed and ready for me to bring back to SG.
I have been wrecked with missing backorders nightmares and
I know sharmie just wanna strangle me.
Sighs. Cant help it.
-cues kan chiong spider dance-

Am also very upset with delayed mails these days.
I have no idea why!! Usually our mails take a day or two to reach our customers
and nothing goes wrong.
But recently, we switched mailboxes and it has been taking WEEKS.
Especially the batch mailed during 6th, 7th and 8th April,
customers only got them last weekend and I have been bombarded with non-stop mails.
Got so disturbed that I dreamt about missing parcels.
See what I mean by worry-wart? :(
Am switching back to my original mailbox and I hope nothing goes wrong this time.

pics courtesy of rumi (fashion toast)

Anyway, I am usually not a fan of designer shoes
but this pair of miumiu heels is beeeyooootiful.
yums yums.

much love,


Shannyn said...

Love the miu mius as well!
http://tarallox.livejournal.com/'s spreeing the inspired version nw.

missypixie said...

ahhh, but i cant walk in heels! can only drool over them :)

Anonymous said...

do you mind me asking where you guys always collect stocks from? esp since bangkok is having riots now, do you still go bangkok to collect stocks?

missypixie said...

ohhh, we have many many stocks from various sources so bkk is not the only way out!