Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the bag post.

I like to think that I am not obsessed
but I have to admit.
It has reached breaking point.

omg, the ink blue. sobs.

I fell in love with the Alexa Mulberry first while scrolling through some fashion site.
(no, it has nothing to do with Alexa herself, but more with the slouchy look of the bag in a dozen other photos I managed to google out)
so i stalked it online for weeks, staring lovingly at its various colours on arms of various other people
and telling whoever who will listen how much i want a Mulberry.
(which explains how well-versed the BF is on this topic now)
And then something weird happens.
I thought i was dreaming so much about it,
I started seeing look-alikes everywhere!
First, from miu miu spring/summer campaign.
The two distinctive leather straps at the side, the centre clasp,
surely it is

Miu Miu large leather tote (omg, it comes in NUDE!)

Then I realised the Proenza Schouler PS1 twin.

And when I watched Bounty Hunter, I was super convinced Jennifer Aniston
was carrying a Mulberry..but no?

Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia.

It has happened. every other big brand has jumped on the bandwagon
and are now producing scatcel like bags like no one's business.
And it probably means, as Sharmie kindly told me
"You wait long enough, zara also have."

Sidenote: that still didn't stop me from fervently stroking the miu miu's medium sized
nude (NUDE!!!!) carryall and trying my hardest not to throw away my hard earned money.

For the rich, wealthy or crazy, price of an Alexa oversized is SGD$2250
but its only arriving in August in Oak colour and of course,
there is a wait list for it.
(forget about the Alexa, its so small you can barely use it)
The miu on the other hand, is a whooping SGD$2640
and is currently in stores, but in very very limited pieces.
If you managed to get your grubby paws on any of them,
kindly let me know so I can die in envy.

much love,


Rebecca said...

I like this post! ;)

C. said...

Hellooo, what time will you all be updating today?
Would be nice if you could fix a time/ tell us in advance. I look forward to your collections, they always brighten up my otherwise-mundane Sunday :)

missypixie said...

hi, we just launched! will always do so between 10pm to 12pm! its hard to properly fix a time cos it depends on how fast sharon does her photos! :)

C. said...

Haha I just saw it, pretty collection! :D