Wednesday, April 14, 2010


gosh, i haven't blogged in a looooong time!

ever since the horrible breakup with the Ex, i slipped into heart-wrung prose until i got so sick of it, i stopped writing altogether. but now, with newfound happiness, i think im ready to blog again :) damn the nail-chipping!

am staring at our website and.. i love how the cover pic turned out this week! all thanks to kelly's ingenious idea of blowing becks with the fan, hahaha. we're constantly thinking up of poses and angles to bring out the style of the pieces but sometimes we do hit droughts :( so if you have suggestions, bring it on!

in the meantime, am inspired by these.

why do they all have such nice hair?! i also want leh :(

and in utter randomness,

i am in love with this font! anyone knows where to get it??


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