Sunday, April 25, 2010


They say never to doubt a female's intuition.
AHHHHH, so right!!!
My backorders flopped on me, not one, but BOTH.
omg omg omg :(
I can't help it, I take it very personally every time a BO fails
cos I am primarily in charge of them and I feel its my responsibility
to answer to all those good people who have paid up
and are dying to wear that item.
So I get very very grumpy every time things screw up.
Normally I am super nice to suppliers but honestly,
I only ever blew up twice.
Once, when Barbra backorders failed and i had to refund for hours.
And now, when she can't even tell me exactly which date
JOI is going to arrive.
And if that isn't enough, I came back to SG with heavy heart
to realise that my beloved LIZZY skirts didn't arrive in cargo
despite me being very sure that they have been sent.
Turns out that cargo lost my stocks.
Seriously, when I realised there was no LIZZY for me and sharmie
to pack and mail, I really wanted to cry.
Must be the bloody PMS too. :(

Anyway, went for our long awaited Marmalade Pantry romp.

sharon's weird nails.

my weird nails (but hello, its chanel's blue satin okkkk)

evidently happy at prospect of lunch ahead, even though its 3pm

i couldn't wait to chew!!!!

and can you believe it? we were actually too full for desserts.

ended my friday with drinks for the friends
orange for me
chips, jelly and dried mangoes on a lovely patio.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hello, would you be updating MP tonight? Been waiting for a new collection all Sunday :)

Nurulia said...

Awww sorry to hear about the missing Lizzy stocks and the unknown arrival date of Joi (which I want!!) I hope the flight compensates you or something? Anyway the crabmeat linguine is my fav from Marmalade Pantry! :)

missypixie said...

my nails are funky green, not weird!!

- your beloved pardner.

missypixie said...

anon: new collection is up up up! quick quick!

nurulia: AHHHH. u wont believe how upset i got :(
i like the crabmeat caesar, oooh, the pine nuts!

sharmie: ehh, still weird. try the mint green next time?

Anonymous said...
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missypixie said...

oops, no democracy on this blog! i don't like rude, vulgar, insulting comments :)