Friday, April 16, 2010

muahaha, i am in CLEO!

okay, so we are really small
but thats not the point!
look at how pretty Becks is :)
i am beaming with pride, muahahha.

spent the whole day racing around from place to place,
viewing offices, collecting stocks,
viewing more offices, collecting MORE stocks
and somehow, i still don't think I have enough for this weekend's launch.
we are romper-mad this week, floral, denim, striped, plain, chiffon
omg, you name it, we have it..heh.

I am excited that its the weekend cos the BF and I are finally
going for a long MJ sesh.
I miss my tiles :(
and tomorrow is to celebrate ann's bday, yaaaaay!
randomly, go chew some egg tarts from KFC.
They are nice, warm and very comforting :)

Lastly, something for the weekend.....

fur ball attackkkkkkk!!!!

much love,

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