Thursday, April 15, 2010

yellow lomo

Short of sounding unoriginal, i have to proclaim this as well:
i have not blogged in month. MONTHS.
Which also means I have loads and loads of pics waiting to be uploaded.

I have been testing out the BF's iphone Lomo app and all i can say is...
it makes me look yellow. muahaha.

got inspired that day and went to have my hair curled.
just for a day to try out the look.

i am obsessed with elephants! these are the small ones
but i have an even larger version of this pair on my bed!

picking out my fav parts of the sushi and leaving others behind.

i finally finally got this topshop skirt in peachy nude. yums yums.
i was eyeing the grey one for the longest time until this colour came out
and it was love at first sight.
speaking of which, don't you just love topshop's spring collection?

am finally off tomorrow so i can sneak to gym.
begone you thunder thighs!

much love,

1 comment:

danseur(: said...

hello(: nice to meet you. im obsessed with elephants too(: may i ask where you got that two elephants? :D and also, the clothes in your blogshop is pretty too:D