Monday, May 3, 2010

altogether, breathe.

phew. its been a mighty looong weekend for me!

first up, got invited to the redken/shu uemura show at AAF, all thanks to my dear friend at SWW ;)
(as you can see, i do take a little pride in the fact that we are a nation of acroynms)

sneaked a little time before the show for a short romp around town with who else but kelly? sometimes its disgusting how often we meet. eeks. and more so, how often we are in the same stuff!! grrr.

matching bandage skirts and oxfords that day. HAHAHA.

and an outfit shot of me, complete with kel's finger. exactly the kinda thing she's bound to do. hoho. 

got this vintagey watch at a steal! fave watch of the moment. yums.

and off to the event i went.

awwww just take a look at this baby!

and i saw the man who i fondly remember as the guy who hosted The Pyramid Game.
anyone remembers that funky gameshow?! i remember watching it after Wheel of Fortune at 530pm every evening during my sec sch (or was it pri sch?) days. haha. and why does he look like he hasn't aged one bit?

the runway.

was thinking i could learn something new and perhaps test it out on beck's hair for the next photoshoot but oh my, its too couture! you'll get what i mean.

when i mean i love big hair, i don't actually mean this big.
but nice nude dress ah!

and then my camera died on me. gah!

the rest of the weekend went by in a flash - photoshooting, photoshopping, kickboxing (whereby i landed on my elbow after a roundhouse and scored a few bruises), catching Ironman 2 which i thought was a drag, and celebrating my favourite boy's first birthday.

the birthday boy!

fascinated by the talking balloon

pretty cupcakes all in a row

happy birthday, kieran baby! muah muah.

and in the entire frenzy, i didnt even take a single pic with him. ugh!

back to parcel packing! have a great week ahead ladies (:


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kelly said...

the balloon talks??!! wow. i want one for don don!