Sunday, May 30, 2010

and i am back!

woohoo, i miss SG!
i miss home, my bed, the food here
and strangely, work!
i think i am a workaholic.
I actually dreamt about Sharmie and MP when i was there.
anyway, enough of words, picture overload ahead!

is it?! did i?!...the...alexa?
no la, its some really good inspired pc from bkk
that i got on my last trip cos i will NEVER see this colour
in SG ever.
and..the exciting news is..we are bringing in the
oversized Alexa lookalike for MP in the next 2 weeks or so!
muahahhaa, in oak of cos and black i think,
cant wait to grab one for myself.
I am selling out i know -guilty- :(

flight wear! i have tights and a scarf all ready in my bag :)

i love flying actually, just on good airlines
and Emirates is actually pretty good!
they have this cute sprinkle of tiny lights at the top of the airplane
so on night flights, when they dim the lights,
its as if you are looking at baby stars :)
oh, did i mention their extensive entertainment channels?
and how i caught 4 hours of project runway in a row
and i am a happy tv addict now!

i really really love in-flight food. haa.

maple tree! wheee!

ten mins into melbourne air, out came the fluffy jacket.

our very sad first night dinner. shared by the way.
all cos we konked out in the hotel and didn't grab dinner.

he drove and drove. i slept and slept.

outfit day 2!

it was sitting just beside the road!

Cape Otway poster girl! hahahha

lunch. so sad :(

cows! everywhere!
the BF goes :"steak. beef ball. sirloin. ribeye"
everytime we pass them.

must take photo with cows.
they were weird though, all of them stopped chewing
just to walk up to the fence and stared at us.

day 3 dinner. kfc was nothing compared to SG.

day 3 outfit!

day 4 outfit!

this looks really nice but the room was creepy!

he is the map man. I am the sleepy one.

my first proper meal on plates.
scones to die for!!

there is actually something such as too many strawberries.

more maple leaves!

this is the BF doing his 1980s CD cover pic.

MP colours! wheeeee!

his outfit colour scheme.

i almost went mad when i spotted chinese noodles.

and i demanded asian food takeaway dinner.

this is a sneaky wallaby lying in wait at the koala path
so when people approach nice cute koalas,
it will jump after you for the feed.

baby wallaby!

some koala yoga pose.

finally had a nice room!

day 5 outfit!

day 5 dinner. sad :(

yes. i actually brought them to aussie.

day 6!

i wanted the elephant grey but it turned out some..
shimmery pearl grey?

day 8! in sydney!
we missed a day cos we missed the sydney flight (ARGH!)

he cant wait. :)

outfit day 9!

met with mella! thank god we were in melbourne at the same time!

outfit day 10! last day in melbourne city le :(

BF really happy at the casino jackpot..heh.

shopping haul! 50% belongs to mella tho.

that crazy girl got 4 tops in diff colours.
i got..3. hahha.

scribbling our mark at the Sportsgirl store..

i wrote MP at the top right
(its upside down tho...)

see us at bottom right!

best hot choc ever, at Guylian store at sydney opera house area.

food porn.

bloody long post! but i need to record my memories down
so thank you for bearing with it.
melbourne was great!
but i love being home again :)


Anonymous said...

hii! Nice trip! May i know where you get your white jacket with the black collar?

missypixie said...

got it from BYSI last year i think!

Chan said...

babe! i need accommodation recommendations for Melbourne! how come your meals all looked so sad??? goodness. you actually brought your phanies with you. i can't wait for my trip in Sep!!!

missypixie said...

chan, u are still so you, how can u cram so many different emotions into one passage??!! hahahha..okok, u can call and ask me anytime! and go ask YC how come i am forever eating sad looking meals :(

Anonymous said...

MP, why do you all not choose to publish feedbacks?You all seem to only recognise praises

missypixie said...

hi Anonymous, replying to customers comments on livejournal is our priority so I dont answer all my blogspot comments immediately. Furthermore, some comments may affect other blogshop owners hence we have the right not to publish them. If you were the same Anonymous who posted previously regarding our choice of apparels, we wish to highlight that we get most of our stuff from other places actually.

Anonymous said...

ur outfits look so weird...

Anonymous said...


may i noe wher you bought that pair of elephant softtoys.

its so cute!!

missypixie said...

hi dear, i got it from thailand airport :)