Friday, May 14, 2010


Ahhhh. Just got back from bkk.
Was quite disappointed with this week's haul
but on the bright side,
we bought manymany things for ourselves!
Scored a good deal with travel exclusive SKII masks
at $211 per box of 20s.
And realised that contact lens solutions are soooo cheap in bkk.
go go, stock up on them just like me and sharmie :)

Bintan was sooo hot!
but the stars at night are the prettiest so far.
Warning: Photos overload ahead.
I need to post all of them so i can remember them in the future!

morning light is REALLY good for photo taking!

me and jess..who said she was waiting at the bus stop.
so i was expecting her at the seats..instead...

i found her sitting at the mrt ledge with the rest of the world
who was waiting for their office buses. erps.

ferry terminal! am using this super old huge bag
from my mother's era.

my very happy friends. :)

happy birthday changus!

a seasoned traveller always travels with a PEN.

i forced them to take this photo of me.

me taking a photo of ann taking a photo of me.

they sat together cos they were afraid me and chang might puke.

so we sat together to comfort each other.haha.

ann's fisheye camera!

wheee to sunburnt heaven. hahaha.

we woke up at...630am to catch the crabs in action.
the only crabs i am interested in..
are those i can eat. erps.

the amount of food needed to keep 4 girls happy.

we miss you, lynnie!

am off to aussie next week,
and the itinerary is still unplanned!
i have no accommodation as of now
and i just heard melbourne is raining.

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lynn said...

enjoy aussieland!!