Sunday, May 9, 2010

get nauti.

 alot of girls always ask what time we launch on Sun but i really can't tell because it depends on how much colour editing there is to do!! :(
started bright and early today so im done for the day. just in time to wash up and head for seafood dinner!

anyhoo, here's a sneak peek of some of my faves ;)

striped maxi dress! yums. and kel, we were right! becks likes it too. haha!

there's just something about chiffon petals in a bunch - esp when they're nude on black

we know you girls lurrrrve denim so we brought it back in more variations!

and.. chiffon floral tops!! this is totally something i would wear. kel would know. heehee.

there's also a distressed faux leather bucket bag that im so itching to buy but.. i dont really need another bag for the moment. hmms.
ok not gonna spoil the surprise so keep your eyes peeled!

should only be launching after i get back from dinner with the folks, and after kel gets back from bintan so she can have some time to rest before she starts invoicing!

and if i havent gotten back to you on the availability of stocks, that's cause its all with kel and she'll reply to you girls when she's back ok!

and before i forget... happy mothers' day to all!
esp. to my mum who relentlessly helps with my mailing and packing :)))
(even though she nags non stop about the messiness of my room 'cos stocks are lying all over the place, hoho)

off to get ready! ta!


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