Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i am suffering from bloggers' diarrhoea
and i cant seem to stop blogging! heh.
am finally off to aussieland tomorrow
and yaay to 10days of no emails! no parcels! no work! :)
all thanks to sharmie holding fort..
but what goes round comes round,
cos i will be left in SG alone when she goes for her aussie hols in early june.

will be packing parcels bright and early tomorrow
before the BF picks me up to settle last min stuff.
I am feeling twitchy cos i don't know if i packed all the right things
and if i will die of cold just by bringing 3 blazers and 2 scarves.
plus, i am hoping my camera batt charges itself properly tonight
(it has a tendency to uncharge itself every 10mins or so. craps.)

i hate blogging without pics so here you go:

i wanna look like this someday :)
credits to Late Afternoon

i could stay here! all the natural light!
credits to galaxynerds

she makes me wanna live in slouchy shirts and pants.
sighs. wardrobe envy.
credits to moded'amour

need to go back to squeezing tubes of creams into
multiple small bags.
til i am back!

much love,

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