Thursday, May 6, 2010

in and out.

yoo hoo, i am leading the high life this month!
have happily realised I won't be in SG for more than 10 days this month
all thanks to trips to BKK, Bintan and my long-awaited Aussie.

Just flew to BKK the past 2 days
and i miss my pedicures!
They do a super good one at Siam Paragon's beauty hall
but its unfortunately closed due to the protest.

see what i mean by me and sharmie dressing alike?
we went out one day to realise both of us were wearing
white tank top and grey jeans.
like some MP uniform. weird.

witness the huge eye bags.
hello to no sleep the night before
and crap sleep on the plane.

i swear this is one of the main reasons why i love bkk.
wanton soup noodles with loads of chili flakes.
its really good and i eat it every week without fail.
actually, i can probably eat it daily. heh.

i always sleep nearer to the toilet cos i am scared of the dark.
if i had a choice, i will sleep with ALL the lights on
and the tv as well.
sharmie will probably kill me.

we painted our nails coral cos we couldn't go out at night.
try Revlon's nail polishes! they dry really fast!

and lastly, before i jet off for my bintan trip,
i will so miss the BF.

much love,

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