Monday, May 17, 2010

over the weekend

Spent the weekend celebrating changus's bday
and planning frantically for the aussie trip.
I am flying on tues night and I still haven gotten all my stuff done!

Anyway, some more random photos of Bintan!

i have no idea why ann is super excited about those chewing gums.
cos they tasted rubbery and somewhat toxic.

changus just looks...confused.hahahhaa.

mauahaha, my love note to the BF.

u know, there is a pic of me somewhere out there,
12 years ago, looking for mini fishes at Sentosa..
ahhhh, those were the days.

Friday was storage moving day!
moved office and unpacked stocks.
I get all my workouts from doing these!

before we started...

after we were done!

Initially planned to go Melben to try their famed crabs
but..the most ridiculous thing happened.

We were already inside and waiting to place out orders
before the waitress came to tell us that..
they didn't have enough crabs and each table is RESTRICTED to
only one miserly crab, if we have 6pax and below.
For god sake, you are a restaurant specialising in crabs
and you do not have ENOUGH???!!!
i got so pissed, we marched off to house of seafood instead.

lynn is so right.
the black pepper was yums.

friends for 12 years and counting :)

but even good friends get confused by ann's clues.

Ann: "a group of men! in a circle! they go ahhh! den argh! then one jump then AHHHHH!"
erps. i told the same thing to sharmie and she said...

BF borrowing lynn's specs.

had to beg him to agree to a pic :)

raaaah. its late and i am too tired to continue.
plus gmail inbox is scaring me.
will tackle invoicing tomorrow before aussie!

much love,


Anonymous said...

He looks like a Korean boy! Heh.


missypixie said...

muahahah, yah, i call him kimchi sometimes :)

Nicolette Chen Xinyuan said...

You look like Jamie Teo in some angles! So pretty!

missypixie said...

ehh, issit? this is the first time i heard about it! thanks! :)