Monday, May 3, 2010

the super good weekend.

I had a gooooood weekend,
filled with love and loads of cuddles

The BF and I finally went cycling on sat
and its was crazily hot.
My arms are tanned to the max
but i still have fair thighs. grumpy.
caught Iron Man 2 as well and here is a tip!
if u stay all the way after the credits
(and i warn you, its a long way we are talking about)
u get to catch approx 10secs sneak peek of Iron Man 3.
I personally think its not worth it,
heck, i barely even knew what it meant.

Today was all for slacking at home
and pigging out on tv and hash browns.
was supposed to be planning for my aussie trip
but i have yet to get around it.
In fact, the only thing i am worried about
is what to wear!
The BF is amazed at how i am totally unconcerned if i even have a place to sleep
but am worrying if my blazers are enough to keep me warm
hmm, different priorities.

will be invoicing the whole of tomorrow
i hope i am busy!
busy = good business
even though i complain like mad everytime gmail is flooded.
am so vexed over my storage,
spent a good hour on friday moving stocks from storeroom a to b
and will be moving again mid month.
here is how i develop biceps.

will be leaving again on tues,
am still praying that JOI backorders don't screw up on me.
I think I need to take a deep breath
and step away from everything sometimes.
I need to tell myself that its okay if things screw up
that not everything will be perfect
try as hard as i might.
And should it not go my way,
there IS always a way out,
I just need to accept it and move on.

meanwhile, if you are buying from missypixie,
please do read the item descriptions!
sharmie spends hours each week
trying to come up with words to properly describe each piece
and she is traumatized everytime someone asks..
"Is it a dress or a romper?"
(sharmie: "ahhhh! i wrote it, i did i did!
or did i forget?")
"What colour is it?" for a (item name) Black dress
(sharmie: "erps. i said it was black right? i did right?")
she ends up doubting herself.

much love

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