Tuesday, May 18, 2010

you know you're getting old when

you start poring through the beauty pages in female magazines instead of going for the fashion pages first. seriously.

if you had handed me a magazine two years ago, i can bet my last dollar that the first thing i'd do is to trawl the fashion spreads. beauty products - what for? (but i had better skin then :() now, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll find me reading all about eye creams, beauty serums, pore minimisers, sleeping masks and what nots.

craps. thanks to no thanks of years of surviving on five-hour sleep days (days of juggling a day job plus missypixie), and the sad but true fact that.. im going to be officially in my "mid-twenties" this year. DANGGGG! :\

im no expert when it comes to skincare but im now religiously going for my once-a-month facials, finally using proper makeup removers and cleansers, plus, trying my best to remember my once-a-week masks! got the Laneige sleeping mask pack during an inflight sale and i don't know whether it works or not yet but.. at least i am doing SOMETHING for my face right!

aside, am alone in our office now because kelly is going away!!!! :(
so please bear with me as i handle the invoicing and verifying and mailing all by myself. will miss the silly girl's horrible singing, incessant hunger pangs and her gancheong spider legs. hahaha. have a great trip babe!

gotta gym at 6pm later (fuck, i thought it was 8pm!!) so ciaos!!


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