Wednesday, June 30, 2010

are like shooting stars.

Dear Japan,
my heart broke for you. :(

I could hardly breathe during the penalty shoot outs,
my heart was thumping
and i couldn't decide to laugh or cry.
I settled for some weird squeaky hiccup.
and when the final result appeared.
i couldn't bear to look any longer.

yes, i am deep in world cup fever
and contrary to popular belief,
i DO know the offside rule,
the meaning of caps,
how to determine a corner or a goal kick
blah blah blah.
and now i am devastated cos i have no team to support in the finals.

Anyway, today was work as usual and
since there are only the 2 of us...
we come up with ways to entertain each other.
I was bemoaning to sharmie
about Chanel bags and 2.55
while she was packing and then...
i heard some marker squeaking....

Me: "eh, what you drawing? finish packing le?"
(was verifying payments, am very bossy)

Sharmie:"shhhh, don't turn around!!"
(kept snickering to herself)

A minute later...

she drew a chanel for me.
-_- '''

we laughed for full 10 mins I think.
easily amused people, we are.
Then I complained about its lack of chain handle,
i mean, whats a Chanel without the chain???

meanwhile, this is sharmie packing.

this is me looking depressed cos...
i don't know where else to put myself!

Then I went outside to wrap the bags,
I usually do a better job.
If you get a bag wrapped nicely, its me.
If it looks like a lump of brown paper with no definite shape...
its sharmie. muahahhaha.
Anyway, I was packing frantically
when i realised she was quiet inside.

Me: "ehhh, you finish packing le ah? Why so quiet?"
(am really very bossy. And a bit of a slave driver too)

Sharmie: "Huh? erm, wait ah.."

Two mins later...

she found a random braid tie
and created a chain.
. . . . . . .

so we now have a CHANNEL JUMBO hanging from one of our racks
as an inspiration for us to work harder.
will make Becks model it soon. heh.

we spend half our lives in cabs.
am sorry but i am so not cut out for the
sqoosh face, wrinkle nose, pursed lips look.
takes too much effort.

went for dinner with the BF,
am sick of food in town :(
am sick of food generally (wow, cant believe i said that)

DBS cardholders, Big O has some one for one dinner set offer going on,
try the Bacon wrap Chicken, it was not too bad.

but the ribs were bah.

After dinner..

The BF:"I feel like a lion."

Me:"erm. WHY?"

BF (stares at his plate of eaten ribs)
"Cos after the lion finishes his meal,
this is what that's left."

Me: "Oh. Hmm. Erm."
(methinks he watched too much National Geographic)

okay, am going to nurse my heartbreak
and look forward to facial tomorrow!

much love,

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