Sunday, June 27, 2010

maybe, baby.

'twas a weird start to the day.

mom forced me up at 830am and dragged me (well, not literally) to the doctor's to get a blood test just because all my sisters did theirs and she wanted assurance that i was fine and dandy. the doc couldnt get anything out after poking at my veins for a while (ouch) and got me to go out and get some sun, run around, get my blood pumping, and get back to him. so after 10 mins of warming up, i go back and he tells me that after some consideration, he renders me too young to be taking blood tests. what's the urgency, he says. afterall, if the report shows i have high cholestrol he can't administer any meds for me anyway. and he told me to get my medical insurance in order before going back to him in 5 year's time. pfffffft. so much for waking up at bloody 830am on a saturday morn!

coerced my mom into treating me to breakfast since she made me lose precious sleep over a failed blood test... so off we went to the market for some good ol' wanton mee and carrot cake. and when i just got seated, i heard someone call my name. i turned and there she was... Mother of the Ex. haven't seen her ever since the breakup almost one year ago so it was reaaaaalllyyy kinda awkward. how have you been, miss you so much, she says. i didn't quite know how to respond to that so i just smiled and changed the topic. (mom, being spiteful, told me in retrospect i should have replied that i have never been better, hahahaha)

i never really had a chance to say goodbye nor thank them proper for the five and a half years they treated me like half a daughter so this, i guess, was closure for me. well, some sorta. dad asked me if they knew the reason for our breakup. i said i don't know if they do but it didn't matter - for all i know, this chapter's closed a long time ago.

had a little time on my hands today so i finally got my hair trimmed, returned my library books, went back to kickboxing class after a 3-week hiatus (huffpuff), had my favourite marutama ramen (slurrrrps), and did a movie marathon with the boy - she's outta my league at 920pm then ip man at 1115pm! spontaneity, i like (:

now time to catch some shuteye before doing up the images later! g'night world.



Anonymous said...

hi sharon,

just curious, did ur ex cheat?

im facing this situation now, i have forgiven him but i really feel no longer in love with him. Just giving it one last shot for the sake of good he was to me in the past.


missypixie said...

hi girl, i never confronted him about it but i knew he was. to me, once a guy cheats, he is likely to do it again. 'cos well, mine did a few times. in my honest opinion, find a guy who is worth it - there's no use hanging on just cos of the memories because chances are, this r'ship ain't strong no more.

chin up! im sure there are guys out there who will be able to treat you better. go find your happiness :)