Monday, June 28, 2010

rainy days.

I used to like rainy days cos it meant a respite from the dreaded heat
or a good late sleep-in
but now i am all grumpy cos it means i gotta reorg my entire day's plans
and figure how to get from one place to another without getting wet.
I had grand plans for today..
gym, the library, pick up stocks, pack stocks, PO,
dinner, home for match..
and now..its just rain rain rain.

happened to be at yvonne's when she was celebrating her bday!
i was wearing something that was so not me...

my new Zara shoes. tee hee hee.

super tak glam shot of sharon rolling up paper after phoshoot.
i hope she doesn't kill me!

u can still see that i am super uncomfortable in front of the cam
i rather just stare at the floor and emo to myself.
but was trying out a dual model cover and i love it!
even though sharon said she felt like she was doing some
lesbian cover shot. UGH.

made sharmie take outfit shot of me,
cos i was so not me that day..
its either unflattering or...
i have a round tum tum. HORRORS.

okay, rain or no rain,
gym i come. :(

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