Wednesday, June 9, 2010

snowed in.

omg i miss sharmie :(
i am snowed in under work
and i keep having nightmares that i am not doing enough.
i am packing and mailing out best i can! really!

even though i managed to catch 2 movies in 2 days
i still feel like work is overtaking my life.
imagine coming home at 1145pm and working til... or even later til 2am
before i would dare go sleep.
then i would jolt away tomorrow morning,
all panicky that i have not answered emails
and that customers will get all cranky.
I need sharmie to calm me down
and tie my spider legs.

Have been experiencing a fashion drought cos of work
and I am not inspired to dress up anymore.
I am flicking through my clothes and naaa daaa.
No idea what to wear.
No motivation to dress up and look pretty.

RAH. i hope the week gets better :(

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