Monday, July 12, 2010

big pocket hole.

so the BF is off to Qatar for his business trip
and i am stuck all alone in SG for..
one whole week.
Its actually pathetically short
but i am panicking cos I have no idea what to entertain myself with.
I hope i get many emails tomorrow
so i can spend the whole day happily invoicing :(

u can see unsightly brown cargo boxes next to my mirror
in my room cos i have no where else to put them!

And i did a very brave thing this weekend...

Blue Roi City in Rose Gold Hardware.
My 25th birthday present to self.

In real life, the colour is more darker,
closer to second pic but still darker
and it has the nice delicious smell of new leather.

I think it started with my T&Co square ring
(which is horribly scratched now but thats another story)
but I was 19 when I decided that I should celebrate my birthday
with a present to myself.
I shouldn't depend on boyfriends or dear friends
to give me what I want but instead, work hard and get it myself.
Some years go by with no birthday present cos nothing caught my fancy..
or i was too poor, muahahha,
but this year marks my mid-20s and i think..
it's time to celebrate it.
In a terribly expensive way though..
but I won't regret a single cent!
Now its on to...28years and my Chanel 2.55! :)

much love,


ashley said...

nice bal! did u buy it in sg? how much is it retailing for? btw does it weigh quite a bit or would u reckon its average?

missypixie said...

thanks babe! got it from hilton balenciaga outlet, its gg for approx weighs more than the regular city but i am okay with it!

mesmerized said...

hey kelly babe,
gorgeous bag! happy bdae! (tho i dunno when exactly) haha
i got one myself this year in May for my birthday too in rose gold hardware but in black.. never had a black bag after soooo long!
Enjoy it & it's real soft! ;)

missypixie said...

hello mich!! are u the one who knows lionel?? if so, long time no hear!!! ah yes, black and rose gold looks so nice too. sighs.

ashley said...

cool...thanks kelly! do you know what other colours the boutique carries?

missypixie said...

for rose gold hardware? i think i only saw a black work in RGGH, the rest are just either regular or giant silver hardware :) for this season, SG balenciaga outlet has limited colours, blue roi is the nicest i think!

mesmerized said...

hi Kelly,
yes, it's mich.. e one who knows lionel. haha
i've been poppin' around missypixie's blog n LJ for great clothes! ;)
Been busy w work n lazy to comment ;) perhaps u girls shd do a tagboard! easier to drop a line or two!