Tuesday, July 27, 2010

blame it on the weatherman.

the weather's just mad crazy - sunny one day, freakin' wet the other.

i surprised myself by picking out a novel instead of the usual fashion mag while waiting for the boy to finish work one day. was talking to kel about books just a few days ago, sharing our favourite reads, and it made me wanna pick up a paperback and so i really did - i've been wanting to read this since eons ago and am glad i bought it 'cos its really a pageturner! 

from left to right: new read, new funky turquoise nails, and my new zara floral shorts (:

next up, probably eat, pray, love, since the movie's coming out soon.. or maybe a thousand splendid suns. or perhaps something from murakami. any good reads to suggest??

accompanied the boy for his MRI scan (read: major-hole-in-pocket scan) today. it was pouring like crazy so i made sure i was warm and comfy. 

spent the entire day waiting for him at dr ben tan's, then at the scan centre, where i fell asleep at the lobby. oooops. then it was off to hougang to get my handwraps so i don't injure my fingers/knuckles during kickboxing.

now now, am all psyched up for my next training sesh - will be ready to kick some ass, virtual or not!


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