Wednesday, July 21, 2010

blushes + brushes

the first hour of my birthday and i am...
checking mails and blogging to be exact.

so someone asked me about my make-up routine,
and to be honest, i can don't spend money on clothes, shoes or bags
(ok ok, the bbag was a one time purchase!)
but i can willingly splash out on cosmetics and skin care products
cos i am SUPER vain.
i live in horror one day i will be old and wrinkly
so i try my best to maintain all I can now!

Firstly, i do the moisturiser and serum stuff
and slap on all my creams/gel/what nots
(thats another long story for another post
if anyone is interested..)

Then go on to the MOST. IMPORTANT. THING. EVER.
My beloved concealer.
I once made the BF travel back with me from Boon Lay
to Tampines to pick up my concealer pot
cos i forgot to bring it to his hall.
And do note, it was before he had the car.
Its that important.
I don't use foundation cos my skin is generally a-okay
but my dark eye rings are known to have scared quite a few people!
heck, some mornings, i even scare myself.

I use Mac's concealer pot and
i like that it covers a multitude of sins
but some may find it kinda dry, if so,
then opt for the ones with a wand :)

after which, i dust on this powder,
which on lazy days, when I don't use concealer,
does a good job :)

Then i do my eyes,
everyone who is afraid of pinched lids...
please do yourself a favour and get this:

Beauty Ed's fav:
the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.
Retailing at $28 a pop
so its pretty pricey but worth every cent.
At least, every cent that you will willingly pay
to not pinch your eyelids, especially early in the morning.

And on the recommendation of Lynnie,
i bought the new Maybelline Pulse Vibrating Mascara!
How cool is that!!

i LOVE this baby.
it really vibrates when you press and hold onto
this tiny button at the top of the wand
and I don't know if it works
but i swear my lashes curled, stayed curled
and fanned out nicely :)
I did wonder if its just the wand or the vibrations
so i tested it and without the vibrations,
while you get long nice lashes,
they are kinda clumpy.
Don't ask me what happens when the battery dies,
i suppose by then, u should have finished the whole tube!

Before the Pulse came out,
I was a fan of Unstoppable in its nice shiny pink tube.
It worked pretty fine too
and if your application is right,
you will actually get a nice false lashes effect :)

i suppose they are right,
Maybelline really makes the best mascaras.
(by the way, i hate those double ended ones,
one to lengthen and the other for volume yaddaaahh,
cos all i get is clumpy lashes)

If I am feeling particularly hardworking that day,
i would pull out my eye liners!
i dont use eye shadows cos i am single eye-lidded
hence its a waste of time
(cant even see anything)

For first-timers, i would really recommend this:
Mac Powerpoint..
it has a super soft crayon tip
and goes on smoothly so you don't tug on your eyelids unnecessarily.
Granted, you need to touch up more often if you have oily lids
but application is so easy!

if you prefer liquid eyeliner, but have a shaky hand..
i found a great alternative!
maybe its just me, i don't fancy those thin liquid eye liners
its a horror to use and i can't stop my hands from shaking!
so this is a godsend.
its like those zebra black markers,
u line it once, then go over it again
depending on how thick you want your line
and its DONE.
Painless. Plus no weird marks from shaky hands.

Last step! Blusher!
I used 2 kinds, a stain followed by a layer of powder blush,
cos my Dandelion is soooooo light,
i cant see anything, unless i brush for like,
a minute non stop?

my cheaper alternative to Benefit's Benetint,
works as well too!
You just need to blend really quickly!

honestly, up til now,
I am still not quite sure if Dandelion actually works..
cos all i see is my bodyshop cheek stain
and maybe, maybe a littttlllleee shimmer from this blusher. sighs.

And on days I am feeling pretty,
I use my special weapon.
exclusively imported from...BKK land.
its from Boots to be exact
and its wonderful!

its an inhouse brand but it smells of vanilla
and a little goes a long way!
plus, on days i forget my lip balm
it acts as a balm as well
and you don't get those irritating white flakes
from too thick lip gloss
or worse, having your hair stuck to your lips
cos you look like you used cake frosting for gloss.

okay, thats all! seems super long to me
but I don't think it can be compared to those
who put time and effort to using eye shadows and fake lashes.
I will die trying to do so.
but wait til you see my EXTENSIVE skincare regime.
Hah. I will die writing it.
In any case, i find drugstore brands quite okay
for items with short shelf lives
(try replacing your Lancome mascara every 3 months
without heartache)
but of course, I pay more for stuff that are important.. skincare. erps.

much love,

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