Thursday, July 15, 2010

day out with the boys.

went out with the boys, Colin & Stan today
(whom happily called themselves our second half - MISTER IMPY, eww)
brought my cam but was too lazy to play photog
so photos are all with sharmie.

anyway, this is our very neat, labeled and classified into collections stockpile
and yes, u can spot the CHANNEL JUMBO at the extreme right. heh.

outfit of the day.
see what i mean by no space? the lights are just BESIDE the door.

new ASOS satchel!


Kristen Stewart.
She looks amazing here!!!
Loveeeee her hair colour to bits.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi kel, may i know where did you purchase those oxford shoes from? :)


missypixie said...

hi liz, got it from FEP but i cant remember which random shoe shop!