Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy, happy fashion

im suddenly inspired to write - triggered by catching up on weeks of urban and a friend's facebook status update that says she is super traumatised by a guy she saw at the bus stop wearing... white spandex tights. holeykamoley!

which brings me to my list of fashion faux pas. im sure everyone has them but here's a few of mine im gonna share. no offence here but i believe im allowed to speak my mind on my own blog, no?

1. Plastic bra straps, in my opinion, is evil. strapless bras weren't created for nothing! and if the point of wearing these thingys is so that no one can see them, you're so darn wrong. its plastic, not invisible leh. and have you seen the way it cuts into one's skin? major ouch. a black bra strap peekaboo would be so much more forgiving. no nude bra peekaboos also please - they were made nude for a reason. to stay under your clothes and not outside them. riggggggght.

2. The combination of tank top, denim shorts, and wedges. screams WAG to me so im not particularly fond of this look. okay actually not fond of it at all.

3. Leggings as pants - 'nuff said.

and on the topic of fashion, some of my own rules when dressing up.

1. Only let one thing shine from your outfit. be it that funky pair of shoes, that designer bag, your favourite layered necklace.. i always prefer to let the attention be on a single item. means you'll never get to see me dressed like a christmas tree. and if you do, please, go ahead and shoot me.

2. Always accessorise. just so you look different (and hopefully, better) than the other girl in the train who's donning the exact same piece as you. i have a whole assortment of accessories but sadly am not able to wear them due to the nature of work. (how to pack parcels with so many thingamajigs on my hands?!) but i do make sure i have rings tucked in all pouches of my bags - just in case my fingers feel naked.

3. When in doubt, go black. which explains why my wardrobe is predominantly black. boring, i know, but its safe and safe is good when you're running late and have no idea what to wear. plus, what better colour than black to pair with my thousand and one funky skirts?! and the old adage that black makes one look smaller. swear by this man.

aside, i feel a need to go to hongkong to get my dose of H&M. uggggh why can't they bring it to singapore soon??

pretty pretty pieces.. i'll go to bed dreaming about them.



Anonymous said...

i think ruffles and balloon sleeves are the ugliest.

missypixie said...

yeah but one person's trash is another's treasure (: personally i don't wear ruffles too 'cos its too girly for me. but like i said, to each its own!

Anonymous said...

then why do you all sell ruffles when you don't wear it yourself?

missypixie said...

say, im the boss of ntuc fairprice and i don't eat vegetables. does that mean im not allowed to have a vegetable section in my grocery store? :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, good one missypixie!

Anonymous said...

you don't even wear your own product.

missypixie said...

i do, i wore Olyn last weekend! you should know what.. you read our blog so faithfully!

seriously, just because i own the shop doesn't mean i have to wear every single piece i sell right?

Anonymous said...

Hihi I'd appreciate if u could tell me how much u paid in sgd u paid for the Asos satchel . I wanna get one too(: thanks.

Bec said...

Oh gawdddd. Anonymous is just trying to piss you guys off. IGNORE. DON'T ENTERTAIN.

missypixie said...

hi, satchel is around 160sgd :)
and becks my dear, u are absolutely correct. but she makes for good entertainment and helps increase readership (judging by the way she keeps coming back to reply us...wow)

Anonymous said...

Missypixie! ilike the way you're handling anony,ous. hahaha.

i so wanna get the satchel.. u think its a gd buy?

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to me? It's not me! Haha!


missypixie said...

oops, i thought u forgot to type in your full name! eeks, what ever, bec and becks are nice people! hahahha!

yup! love the satchel, its super roomy, i can even carry my netbook and charger in it!

Anonymous said...

sadly, i dont know how to purchase online. must go bugggg someone to do it for me. hee.

i like bec(ks). sooooo gorgeous. and i like reading your bloggie. your lives are so.. fashionable. i, on the other hand am a major fashion disaster. hee.

missypixie said...

hi anon no.3, thanks for your comments! im sure you're not a fashion disaster.. cos you shop at missypixie! haha :) continue reading ok! we appreciate it lots :)