Monday, July 5, 2010

in all randomness;

we gave ourselves an off day in lieu of all the hard work we've been up to the past week.. (wait, we work hard like every other week!) and coincidentally, both of us took the time to get some housekeeping done at home!

finally got down to packing my closet, well, almost - threw out a couple of worn tops, passed some new ones over to mum, and gave away loads of tees to grandma's helper.

look at all those tees i used to don in the first two years of uni! think i wore them with jeans folded up like pedal pushers and denim skirts, with my trusty black crumpler. hahahaha. those were the days.

 before: stacks of clothes toppling like leaning towers of pisa

after: stacks of clothes threatening to topple in, say, a month's time.

i don't get why it looks almost the same even after packing out 2 bags' worth of clutter?!?!! bah.

and when the deed was done, we brought the 'lil one out! wheeeee!
he's super duper happy to be let out of the house.

but somehow doesn't feel the same when coerced for a photo with me :(

fed him loads of crap that day like donuts, smashed oreo bits, mashed potatoes, and pitas dipped in pumpkin and mushroom soups. say goodbye to the world of yucky porridge, baby K.

broke my favourite bandage wedges that very day and was forced (ahem) to buy a new pair!
got another pair of black sandals to add to my collection of flats, since i don't get to wear heels anymore :(


squeezed some time to meet the girls today for a combined birthday celebration. brought my new miu out for the first time and got it stained by my stupid black jumpsuit. UGH!!! can totally understand how kel's wallet got so dirrrrrrrty.

hello, new miu!

had dimsum at taste paradise at ion! the food was not too bad but i can't believe that freaking pot of chrysanthemum tea cost us $11. can eat 3 servings of custard buns with that amount la! 

food, glorious food.

and then it was off to cedele for some cake for the may, june, and july baby.
very hard to meet up so celebrate altogether, haha!

and ms ng requested we all take photos like these  -_-
so proud to be 25 la!

am thankful for these girls - its been 10 years of celebrating birthdays together and i've realised that the celebrations get simpler every year. maybe this is the coming of age or something, but seriously, nothing beats the company of old friends like these who'll always be there when you need them.

so happy belated birthdays my dears! let's grow old and wrinkly together ;)



Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

where did you get your new sandals from? It's nice.. =)

missypixie said...

charles & keith!