Sunday, July 25, 2010

one year older.

and..I am a year older. :(
Birthdays never use to bother me so much,
and now I am hurling towards my LATE twenties
(omgomgomg, i wanna kill myself!!)
I cant find much to celebrate about.
well, except for the gifts perhaps, haha.

The BF took leave on the day itself to celebrate
but had to service the car first so we went out late..

finally figured out how to tie the belt,
u tuck it under first, then over.

this is what I saw when i opened my bag.
my mum thought i wanted to bring them out,
for lunch and shopping. (!!!)
no la, took them outta the car when it went for servicing
and i had to carry them around for a while :)

lovelovelove crab caesar from marmalade pantry.
hate the service though.

the open face prawn sandwich was horrible. bleah.

how often do you leave work early enough to catch the sunset?

bugged the BF for the whole day to take my outfit shot
(for the record, I was wearing Nina Black maxi dress..
but in a pantsuit version!)
and he offered to do it in the PS carpark. erp.
took only one pic of meself then.

mella presented me with this outta the blue.

Me: " MUST it be a prada??!?!"
Mella: "Its your 25th what!"
Me: "In that case, I can't wait to be 30."

hahahahhaa. The BF bets that it won't look ivory for long,
considering the state of my Miu wallet now.

sharmie gave me the funniest and most practical gift ever.
cos i only have one mouse that I will carry faithfully, daily,
from home to office cos i hate working without a mouse
and i have 2 sets of lappies.

lastly..the BF gave me Jay Chou's concert tickets!
he was online for 3 hours plus, frantically clicking while supposedly working.

wore Mindy dress with my overused satchel

i was super obedient and didn't bring my camera in.
I should have. grumps.

BF happier with this photo.hmmmm.

post concert, in the car,
high on jay chou's songs.

much love,


thequiet said...

u attended jay chou the era concert, u only got balloons and huge palm fan?
How about the light flouscent stuff?

missypixie said...

i didnt get it!! was i supposed to??