Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a time to celebrate.

had a fantastique time celebrating the boy's birthday at resorts world! had wanted to check out hard rock hotel ever since it opened and only got the opportunity to do so over the last weekend. the service wasn't fantastic though - having to wait for 45 minutes just to check in? bahhh. 
but nevertheless, the company made it worth the while (:

the woman at the reception told me the beds could be shifted beside one another but alas,
even the boy aka mister muscle couldn't make it move an inch lah.
happy birthday ah boy!
pleased with his surprise. muahaha.
chandeliers and signature hard rock motifs all over.

wore Olyn in navy that day and its favourite throwover piece for the moment. yums.

and it was off to USS the next day! didn't take many pictures 'cos i already had tonnes from the preview with my ex-colleagues.
 plus, the boy thought it was silly to take too many pictures at a local attraction -_-

anyhoos, on the topic of celebrations, me and kel had our very own mini combined birthday dinner, where else but in bkk!
decided to skip the usual ootoya/greyhound cafe to try out a new eating establishment and i think... we're both sold.

kel acting intellectual while waiting to be seated..

was so tempted to get the "vanilla caramel latte" bag!

scones for appetizers. either they were damn good, or we were damn hungry.
pork knuckle pasta was pretty damn good too.

i insisted we have cake (or at least a semblance of) 'cos celebrating birthday mah.
so we had brownie with strawberry ice cream!
totally sold. we're definitely heading back next time!
thereafter, our usual routine of grocery shopping before heading back to the hotel. 
our basket almost always looks like that! save for the Lays' cheese&onion chips and big Betagen bottle this time round 'cos we were too full after dinner.
ok at the risk of sounding like a total auntie, i still must say this: toothbrushes are damn cheap there!! 
those dok gong 360degree kind only going for 2sgd.. how not to buy right. hahaha.

happy birthday to the both of us!
i know i don't say this often (you know i don't say these things often too) but...
love you my fluffy partner! (:
we'll have a blast being 25!



Kelly said...

why am I FLUFFY PARTNER???? just cos i like fluffy things doesn't mean I am fluffy what!!!

missypixie said...

ehhh.. you fluffy leh. got fluff everywhere.. u know where. hahahahahahaha.