Wednesday, July 28, 2010

when i was younger.

I used to blog much much better at my older blog.
But I supposed I was more emotional then,
more tangled up in matters of the heart,
torn between what is right..
or what I think is right.
Sharmie agrees that when we blog better when we are sadder.
So i suppose I don't write as well now,
cos I am happier? :)

Life has been good so far,
I love my work, i love my (only) colleague
and even though checking shirts for stains/threads
packing, sealing and taping is routine..
i love it all the same.
sure, occasionally, we hit a roadblock.
anonymous trashing us every few days or so,
a bad sales weekend,
backorders stuck overseas,
of course i get affected.
I am not a saint.
I am not as strong as Sharmie to shrug it off
and just look forward.
I will get doubts,
I will ask myself,
THIS is what i am going to do for the rest of my life.
THIS is what i studied 4 hard years for,
obtained a degree, yet give up the corporate world for.
THIS means, no promotion, no increment, no bonus,
no welfare, no future?
I can't say for sure yet.
But I pray that everything works out fine one day.
I am a born worrier. :(

Went shopping to use up my topshop bday vouchers last week:

i got this!

saw this on the website..
and I cant help but think it looks super cute with ballet flats.

this is my dream ROM dress.
hahahhaha. love love love drapes.
did i mention there will be a nude pink version of our TYRA drape skirt?
the same colour as AMBER dress! i got it for meself!

can't find this in topshop at all
but i saw it in another shop that day..
problem is..its all sold out. UGH.

Speaking of MP clothes,
come find us on 31st July at FEP, 04-116B.
We managed to rent the place for a day out for missypixie :)
loads of nice stuff there that day,
JOI denim high waisted shorts,
LICIA nude chiffon tank,
many one piece of popular designs from the past
(just did stock take and i unearthed them all from dunno where)
and of cos, willow label.
love the maxi dress in bright blue!
found a new way to wear it today,
u can tie the waist tie to the left,
and the drapes will fall all to one side instead.
bah its hard to describe,
shall ask becks to model next week!
oh yah, no new post this week cos of the day out
but we will try to come up with a small sale post!

much love,

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