Monday, August 30, 2010

all for my toilet sink.

DE-whatever it is that describe grumpiness cos..
sharmie is going to ramen land and i cant!!!!
all for my toilet sink. :(
(side note: new flat needs renovation.
am super anal about toilets.
read in Life! about expensive toilets.
$10,000 kind of expensive toilets.
Wants expensive toilets.)

No holidays til I get expensive toilets.

After the Proposal, everyone has been asking about the Dinner.
And I seriously have not given it any thought.
(I was happy enough with the Ring)
and now I have to do all grown-up stuff like
planning the reception, the dinner, my toilets.
and giving up everything in the process.
AHHHHHH. am super upset :(
I have no motivation for the rest of the year
but to earn many many moolah,
spend very little moolah
and have egg nest to renovate house nicely,
complete with expensive toilets.

On a happy note...

finally got our labels!
couldn't make it in time for the first batch of willow items
but definitely in time for our second batch!

we always got to Ootoya in BKK
cos its super affordable and the soba is DAMN nice.
And best thing is, I found it in Orchard Central!!!

Dinner in BKK with hungry friends =
prawns attack.

we had 3 plates for 5 people
but it was definitely not enough.
I think i would have gobbled one plate by myself..and want more.

i was so dressed for ice skating
(which the BF and my girlfriends were supposed to try out)
but in the end everyone chicken-ed out.

Anyway, am seriously low on fashion inspiration lately
i need something to revive me.

maybe some cold lychees and cherries.

much love

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