Sunday, August 29, 2010

another wintry trip.

the boy and i have booked ourselves for tokyo and hokkaido in February 2011! 
yah very kiasu i know but we wanted to make sure we could get tickets for the ice-breaking cruise.
will be away during the cny period so no angpows :( but its okay im sure its gonna be swelllll.

and if nothing goes wrong, we'll be staying at the ice village at Tomamu:
and sleeping on beds sculpted from ice.
(okay these two people look like they are caterpillars/sleeping in cocoons but that's not the point)
OMFG i cannot wait! temperature's gonna dip to -14deg during that time so i better stock up on winter wear as and when i see nice ones. dang, i should have bought Ugg's when i was in aussie!

am already thinking of what to bring/wear when im there. hahahaha.
think im so going to buy a beret,
layer like mad,

and google on a thousand other ways to wear my trench.
ok gonna go get dinner now with the folks.
launching our new collection later at night so stay tuned! ;)


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