Saturday, August 7, 2010

'cos change is the only constant.

back from the land of smiles with freshly pedicured nails and feeling slightly recharged.

decided we need a change in scenery so we checked in at amari watergate instead... i think we're completely sold. lovely dunno-how-many-threadcount sheets and fluffy pillows, plus the awesome pool and lobby.. whoa! we snoozed more than usual this time round :))

also decided to skip the usual greyhound/ootoya to pig out on rubbish food at siam paragon. we were too famished and wolfed down salted pork slices, sticky rice, and a tornado potato before remembering to capture our desserts.

some tissue prata which was so damn sweet, we stopped after a few pieces.

walao check out those eyebags man.

kel with her favourite fried banana!

and because both of us were (somehow) craving for ramen and couldn't get any at the food fair, we headed to the nearest ramen place and oh gosh..

im more sure than ever that looks are deceiving 'cause this is probably the worst ramen i've ever, ever eaten.


i guess people who know us well enough can probably tell us apart just by the colour of our nails. haha!

back at home and back to work - had our shoot today and we were all in stitches while shooting for our cover pic. see becks in her sexayy pose below:

and see what kel is doing behind the scenes - using her body to prop becks on the flimsy studio paper!
major lol. had to get a pic of this for memories' sake.

anyhoo, we're finally launching willow tomorrow!
the only gripe is that our labels aren't ready yet (ughhh) so this batch will have to do without them :(

sneak preview below:

keyhole maxi dress that was totally sold out during our Day Out :)

as well as a weekend mandarin-collared shirt!

also launching this balenciaga lookalike bag which i am itching to keep for myself but i still can't decide which colour to get?!

i'll sleep on it.
till then, have a good weekend ahead girls!


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