Wednesday, August 18, 2010

harrisly yours,

back from batam but am not a tinge darker :( 
still, grateful for this brief respite from our mad weekly schedule! many thanks to becks for the lobang - the resort itself was so disappointing but as what kel said, the company definitely made up for it (:

waiting to board the ferry at harbourfront!

kel, being considerate, created her own vomitting bag. hahahaha.
and after some 45 minutes of azure waters, we reached the 'lil island of Batam!
deposited all our oversized duffels in the room.
and wasted no time in heading out to catch the sun (:

my read for the trip.

dinner at the resort! we had... steamboat.
no pics of the food 'cos they seriously looked unappetizing.
trying out the 小镇姑娘 look.
went to play pool after dinner 'cos there was nothing else to do within the resort :(
look ma, long long arms!!
chao ah lian below won us at pool, every single game. haha!
after pool, we proceeded to play with bigger balls. ahem.
first, must wear imitation socks!
then pose with your ball!
becks tries the 'mean girl' look,
 kel is adamant on portraying her demure side,
while im the slut doing the "sharon with melons" pose. hahaha pic of the night.
finally, a decent shot!
our very pathetic scores :( 
then it was back to the room to watch re-runs of ANTM, where we spotted Tyra Banks donning a DEANNA lookalike wrap front jumpsuit!! someone should have seen how retarded we were, crowding around the tv screen, all trying to get a shot. kudos to becks for nailing it!
day 2! all geared up to hit Batam town.

couldn't resist an outfit shot.
getting our nails preened, as usual.
chioness x 10000!
expensive lunch at A&W but heck, its my favourite root beer float leh!
pool again the next day. yes, its THAT boring within the resort.
before checkout, we decided to try the 十连拍 function on beck's cam.
omg it was snapsnapsnap i really wonder how those taiwanese girls do it!
i look like a retard 99% of the time.

goodbye batam!
till the next getaway!



Anonymous said...

hey, may i know where did becks get her pants from? in the outfit post photo. thankyou!

missypixie said...

she got it from bkk!

Marie said...

I think that becks looks like fala chen, this absolutely gorgeous tvb actress ;)

missypixie said...

omg yes i see the resemblance!