Monday, August 23, 2010

hitting the big 3-0.

couldn't resist wearing my new maxi (aka Valerie in navy) out for dinner tonight :)

with my favourite nude cutout heels.

while mom rocks her Wyna pantsuit with my Mon belt. hoho.

happy birthday to the sister who turns 30 today! and thanks for reminding me that i only have 5 more years to go before i have to change my IC like you. pfffffft.

i had initially wanted to poke 30 small candles on her cake but i decided to let her off with just 2 big ones and 10 small ones. haha! and silly baby K got a shock when the staff at Outback came out with the cake and broke into song, so he wailed.
aiyo. see his face. so poor thing.
many happy returns, jie! (:
on a separate note, i have a date with the dentist tomorrow. fml.


thequiet said...

i like yr navy blue maxi. when will it launch? :P

missypixie said...

hi dear it was launched last weekend!! u didnt catch it? :(