Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ten million fireflies.

My long weekend kicked off with..a surprise!!
its actually some sort of our anniversary on 12th
but since we didn't really celebrate it last year,
I wasn't expecting anything special from the BF.
Except..he picked me up with a bouquet of my fav flowers :)
and bought me a book i have been searching for :
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
(actually have been looking for Prisoner of Azkaban for the longest time ever,
cant ever find it in libraries, grumps)
was a wonderful wonderful night :)
many more years to come ok baby?

taken when i am back home in my denim romper!

We went for dinner at Sapphire at The Jewel Box atop Mount Faber
and I didn't bring any camera so no pics :(
(not like it would have helped, it was too dark!)

am hereby cheating with pic taken from official website, hahahhah.

Made a trip to their award winning toilet
which had a full glass floor to ceiling window
with a view of the cable cars and faraway Sentosa.

excuse crappy camera phone pic,
but there was a wall length fish tank inside there
(with live fish of course)
hard to decipher from pics but..imagineeeee.

check out view behind me!

this is what i meant by last min outfit change.
i was in my cute denim romper and freaking out cos
dress code was smart casual so grabbed just bought skinnies
and oversized white tank, changed inside car while driving up
to Mount Faber, and got off car looking like this :)

then weekend was spent at Batam, courtesy of Becks!
(which sharmie will also blog about, so i am using some of becks's pics)

the infamous road sign that sharmie claimed was...
GORILLA CROSSING. we laughed so hard in the cab
the driver couldnt keep a straight face either.

tried multiple shots and...almost all failed.

this was not coordinated!!

the resort looks good like that but...
seriously, the company was way much better :)

then Monday was off-day/invoicing-like-crazymadwoman-

weirdly enough,all the other flowers died
but for this one perfect one!

did the most bling manicure i ever did.

and spent the rest of the day,
praying for VELMA nude backorders cos i sneakily also want a piece.

much love,

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