Monday, August 9, 2010


Finally remembered to charge my camera battery
hence the influx of many new pics.
many pics = little words
hence i am going to be lazy :)

one phoshoot ages ago
when me and becks were in navy maxis :)

a WRAPPED birthday present!
even though its in our usual brown paper
we use to wrap bulky parcels. hahaha.
i love sharmie :)

me looking like crap cos just climbed up stairs.

Random day when me and sharmie wore happy prints.

sharmie's forever oversized bag
her funky footwear and bright prints.
very sharmie.

my solid colour plain bag.
nude ballet flats, and floral prints.
very me.


we agreed to wear long black pantsuit.
she is in MIDGE, convertible black pantsuit..
I am in WYNA, launched this week :)

we told becks to come in black romper,
thinking she will wear a long one but she turned up in this playful number.

MP team!

store all prepped for sale :)

Finally, thanks to lovely reader,
i managed to get Revlon's Grey Suede!!
Even now, I cant quite find the words to describe it.
its kinda rum, greyish, nude, all rolled into one.
Like a very very dirty dusty pink miu miu wallet.

this is under warm lights,
it looks brown here.

in the BF's room and it looks..
i don't know what!
in any case, i LOVE it.

sharmie's nifty fingerwork.

weekend outfit to town.

my bangs got long enough!

Imperial Treasure yums:

it looks like some fat grubby worm
but its silky soft chee cheong fun.

try the roast pork, comes with mustard.

steamed custard bun with salted egg yolk!
i have said it before and i am saying it again..
how to not eat something thats named like this!
do note: nail colour looks different here again.

The BF wanted proper tea for tea break so we tried
TWG, which was packed,
Marmalade, which was packed

ended up at the above.
which is the one tucked in one corner of taka.
there IS a reason why we could actually get seats
here on a busy sat afternoon.

i repeat: looks CAN be deceiving
cos the food here was..
'orrible. 'orrible. 'orrible.
the sandwich was so unmemorable,
i had better luck with normal bakeries.

the scones were...
i can't even remember how it tasted to give it a review.

the tea was blah, the quiche was actually not too bad
just that it came stuffed with peas.
sighs. i felt like i wasted my calories.

cant quite decide what to do tomorrow yet.

much love,

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