Saturday, September 11, 2010

cool summer nights.

this might sound insane but i have been crazily pre-occupied with looking at Fall pieces and trying them out in the hope of getting a few items for hokkaido. the boy is like "you are mad, its still 5 months away" but i don't think that is registering in my brain.
so i sneakily raided topshop.
loveeeeeee this piece but i don't think its gonna protect me from the cold at all.
on another note, these knit pieces below kept me so warm i was almost perspiring in the fitting room.

makes me feel like taking up knitting, leh.
couldn't find this piece in the stores yet.. am so going to hunt it down!

and the lookbook for H&M's AW10 is just. so. yummy.

sigh, sometimes i really wish singapore would just snow. either that, or they would just bring H&M to our shores. haven't they heard enough pleas for this already?

on a more serious note, we won't be updating with a new collection this weekend! in the midst of prepping ourselves for BLOGJECT RUNWAY at NTU (:
come visit us at our booth from 14 Sept (Tues) to 16 Sept (Thurs) ok? 
we'll be at canteen A (omg that place brings back so many memories), near the ATM machines.

yay to meeting more of you girls, curry bento sets, and cheapcheap Macdonalds! seeyou there ;)


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