Monday, September 13, 2010

flea hee hee.

I seldom get so excited about fleas but, but, but...
we are going back to NTU this week!!! :)
I know i sound like some old fart but i really miss school days.
Even as i get crushed by reading and random assignments
and dance pracs 6 days a week,
i still miss uni days.
Ahhhh, I am reminiscing.
Which is what old people do when they talk about
those good ol' days.
Which means...I am old.

What we do in the office.
(yes, the mirror is terribly dirty)
sometimes we put on eyeliner,
sometimes we try on new clothes,
most of the time, we say disgusting things to each other.

Actually, each day involves careful outfit planning
cos we almost always need to pack mails
and bodycon skirts or mini dresses means
alot of underwear flashing. heh.

look of bliss cos...

we got KOI!
queued for 15mins min but i gather its already rather fast.

i think i may be more partial to this outfit in the future
cos for the first time,
the BF actually said i look cute in it.
(excluding the other time he said he loves my heart-print spag top.
that was weird.)

or it could be cos i am in elliephanie colours.
pale pink and light grey? :)

much love,


ash said...

LOVE the that something u're carrying in your store or did u buy it elsewhere?:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry to ask, but where did you get that skirt? And is the material a thick cotton?

missypixie said...

@ash: i got it for the shop a long time back but only had a few pcs so we released it in haji only :)

missypixie said...

@anon: we got it overseas, material is normal stretchy cotton, not really thick but the drapes (on both sides) covers up any VPL, heh.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you can bring it in again? Pretty much a love at first sight for me!

missypixie said...

haha, if there is demand, we will consider reproducing it in thicker material!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I went down to visit your stall today and purchased a top. I really really love it. :D I love it when you guys have flea as I dont really purchase things online. It would be great to see you guys out in flea markets more!

missypixie said...

hi liyuan, thanks!! we would love to do fleas as well but its tough :( meanwhile, u can try shopping online with us! hhaha

Layolacrayola said...

Yes please do more fleas!
I came over to say hello in between rushing for classes in ntu! =)

missypixie said...

layola: thanks for that! :D we'll be heading over to NUS soon i think!

xoxcinderellaxox said...

LOVE the purse... where'd you get it?

missypixie said...

hi! do u mean the bag? its from Balenciaga outlet in hilton!