Sunday, September 5, 2010

fly fly fly, like a butterfly

"Fly, Fly, Fly, like a BUTTERFLY!
Fly, Fly, Fly, like a BUTTERFLY!
Fly, Fly, Fly, like a BUTTERFLY!"

I wish it was some emo lyrics to some emo song
but its just inspired by my very very noisy nephew
who godknows learnt this from where
and kept 'singing' it.
At least, I think its roughly classified as singing
since he seems to have unfortunately inherited my tone deaf abilities
and is half chanting/singing/yelling the song.
While clutching 3 different coloured balloons
and running around the house.
Sometimes, i think he is absolutely funny
(like when he sits beside his older female cousin
and gives her huge goo-goo eyes.
Or when he does his butterfly thingy
and consoles his balloons when he drops them)
Sometimes, i feel like killing him
or unleashing my ultimate fantasy...
locking him in my storeroom.

Safe to say, I am not ready for motherhood anytime.

finally got the chance to wear my topshop skirt
and VELDA black blazer!
(sorry sharmie, couldn't find the crop function :( )

quilted bag from bkk.
i like that is navy..with bright red inner lining :)

new shoes!
need to get new cam, old one is funky :(

sharmie and i bought our Polaroid camera!! :)

cant wait to take it out to play.

both me and becks got ELLE,
and was discussing different ways to wear it.
sorry becks, i was lazy.

had burgers at M.O.B at vivo.
its was so-so.
sighs, its so hard to find some nice dinner place
on friday nights.

OOTOYA!! love it, love it :)

recently, this is all the couple shots i can get.

I want..
an iphone4
a canon camera
a Lasik operation
in no particular order.

I think i might just stop shopping for the next few months.
Operative word: MIGHT.

much love,


Anonymous said...

bring in the navy chanel inspired bag please!

missypixie said...

its been a long time ago! we'll see if there are any similar ones ;)

Anonymous said...

yes please! :)

Anonymous said...

shoes are gorgeous! where did you get them?

consider manufacturing them, please? :) :)

missypixie said...

thanks! u can get them from m)phosis :) wont be manufacturing shoes anytime soon cos we are focusing on apparels first!

Anonymous said...

no problem! and thanks for the heads up :)