Thursday, September 23, 2010

lights, camera, ACTION!

Ever since my camera went all wonky
and taking proper pics keep getting more difficult,
i have been on the search for good lighting
so i dont have to deal with blurred photos.

orchard ion's toilet is..reddish.

amazingly, the carpark's lighting is good!

the BF's room has super good lighting!!!
or maybe its just his blue wardrobe.

wore Valerie in black that day with an inner tube
cos my assets are not as powerful as sharmie's.

then try to improve on my basic makeup skills
by drawing on obvious eyeliner.
the BF's mum kept telling me to put on more make up..
why???!! is it cos i look chak??

weekends with mella means alot alot alot of food.
we polished off 10 baskets of dimsum
half a peking duck
salad and soup
stingray, fishball noodles, lala & baby squid.
i almost died from being too full.

BKK was baaad this time round.
met a crazed bitch of a supplier
who THREW clothes at sharmie.
omg, i am so pissed thinking about it.
Suppliers in BKK are generally nice and friendly
and super accommodating with regards to defective items.
Normally, you just show them the defects
and they will change the item, no question asked.
this bitch actually demanded for the receipt AND
the original clear plastic that the shirt came in.
(hello, of cos i tore the plastic when i removed
the shirt to check, RIGHT?)
plus, i dont carry around a receipt from 3 weeks back.
and the shirt is still hanging in the store
with the same tag on it.
and she wont stop glaring at me.
i just told her,
"you don't want to exchange is it?
okay, fine, forget it"
then i left the store,
but still too pissed so i went back,
and dumped the defect shirts on her chair.
They started shouting something but i just walked off.
the next thing we know,
that bloody bitch threw the shirts at sharmie's back
(thank god she was back facing the corridor)
and started screaming at us.
wtf x 10.
we shouted back and it was some shouting fit
along the corridor, infront of gazillion people.
then she stomped off, muttering thai curse words
under her breath.
i was so pissed i couldn't stop shaking
even after i went to another store.
bitch, i hope her shop closes down.

I don't get angry very often
but when i do, bloody hell,
i am really really pissed.

super blur pic of colourful toes
belonging to yours truly (french), sharmie (the CNY colours)
and bernice (the uphill, downhill)
told u my cam is wonky :(

can't wait to get my S90!!

much love,


Anonymous said...

you should get s95!! newer version of s90.

missypixie said...

erps. whats the damage of the s95??

Anonymous said...

Hihi, would like to enquire if TigerAirways arrive/depart from Thai Intl airport where main boutiques (Chanel etc) are located?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean? i only know they add fisheye effect and other effects like miniature, and higher shutter speed, HD video and etc!!

missypixie said...

yup! its from suvarnabhumi airport!

missypixie said...

haha i meant do you know how much the s95 will cost? :)