Wednesday, September 1, 2010


i love my life now.
like kel, i sometimes wonder if this is what life would be like for the next few years - multiple sourcing trips, photoshoots, endless packing of parcels and answering of comments and emails - is this what it's gonna be?
have i wasted my years of education to do this? does it still make sense for me to say i have a major in journalism? did i give up a well-paying PR job and good career prospects, just to fall into this daily drone?
i remember taking the leap some six months ago, constantly reassuring myself that the corporate world will always be there for me if i fail. so far, so good. 
in actual fact, it has never been better.
i wouldn't trade anything else in the world for this.
not even a balenciaga work in galet. riggggggggght.
g'night world.

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