Monday, September 27, 2010


Disclaimer: this post is not meant to offend anyone
nor is it a personal attack on anyone,
so please read it with a open mind and a big heart!

These days, the smallest of things irritates the HELL outta me.
Let's start with work.
I know customer service is part & parcel of the job
and I have been trying my best to deal with all sorts of
Seriously, we are doing it to the best of our abilities.
So...cut us some slack please.
We can't afford to do meet-ups
because our schedules are erratic and all over the place.
And as much as you all promise to meet up at our convenience,
inevitably, I will have to re-arrange my day
to be home by a certain time, send countless sms-es
for directions, reschedules, last min requests
("can meet at here instead?" "how about here?" )
so nope, its really not convenient :(
However, we do mail the items out on time as promised
and everything is dependent on singpost
once the parcel leaves our hands.
And contrary to popular belief,
singpost is tardy. VERY tardy.
A normal mail can take up to 5 working days to reach someone
and in between, we are bombarded by emails:
why the parcels are lost
and how they have not encountered lost normal mails from other people
so why they didn't get theirs....
*do note: Singpost no longer delivers on weekends
so mails sent on thurs/fridays will reach the following week*
Honestly, we don't know.
Sometimes, singpost takes longer to sort mails,
some areas get it later than others,
there are a gazillion million reasons.
And lately, a lot of customers have given us wrong addresses
so the parcels get re-routed back to us
hence the delay.
So if you really want the parcel on time,
please please opt for registered mail.
(and of cos, do check the reg article page
for your tracking number so you know how to retrieve it!)

Secondly, I have an elephant memory.
Really, i do.
Which means I remember all the nitty gritty emails addresses
that have yielded dead buyers in the past
and I have been more heartless recently.
I DO ignore comments from dead buyers.
And if you leave a comment asking me to inform you of BO,
more stocks etc, please do leave the email address as well.

And the last thorny issue I need to address is that of...
I dont know how to say this without sounding callous
but sometimes, we really cannot control this aspect.
On our part, we reject :
- all inferior material goods.
By inferior, we mean those we deem inferior.
Of course, there are different definitions by different people
but largely, all materials that we sell
are those we approve of and will definitely wear as well.
- All inferior sewing.
I have encountered alot alot of suppliers in the past few years
and do know whats considered good or bad workmanship.
If its obviously bad, we won't purchase the goods in the first place.
But there are exceptions, like a batch of 20 shirts
can yield 1 or 2 with crooked hems, missing buttons
while the rest are perfectly fine.
So while we QC the best we can,
sometimes, we might miss it cos we are not perfect :(
Also, some may complain about the quality of our clothes
being different from whats shown in the pics.
All I can advise is that with online shopping,
there is a degree of give and take, given the affordable pricing and such.
Same goes for colours.
I can provide the best descriptions and photos
but different computers DO have different calibration
(we know, cos we checked on my Mac and Sharmie's Acer)
and one person's nude is another's beige is another's cream. :(

I am thankful for understanding customers who let us know our mistakes
but went ahead to graciously accept the goods with no complaints.
But for those who are really unhappy,
please do not send us a long email scolding us first,
cos do know that we will do all we can to settle the problem
and we will definitely not shrink from our responsibilities!

Okay, after work, I am pissed off with..
people. or person.
I cant reveal much without getting myself into trouble
but if not for circumstances,
she is definitely someone I won't want to hang out with.
I find her requests stupid, demanding
and her actions childish.
And I have to really stop myself from rolling my eyes
whenever the same thing happens again and again.
For god sake, cut ____ some slack.
And how the hell did you change completely
in such a short period of time??

grumpy. the PMS is really killing me.

not much love,


ying said...

Hi Kelly,

I don't know what to say , but pls cheer up :)

Anonymous said...

breathe in breathe out, tmr will be a better day! :)

missypixie said...

thank you thank you :)

Anonymous said...

We had a customer who used law lingo and shot us an email threatening to sue us etc cos item had a defect. And even said that since it's not stated that items are new and not worn, she has every right to deem it as 2nd hand? Did research and found out she's a top law student, so yeah -.- Some customers are really horrid, but don't let then ruin your mood! It isn't easy to handle all these and some customers just don't understand! Jiayou! :))

- Fellow BS owner

missypixie said...

OMG. okay, you win. haha, I also have horror stories that i dont dare write about though. maybe one day we will organise a blogshop AGM and sit around comparing "battle scars"

Anonymous said...

honestly i had minor problem with u, coz on day i emailed u to ask: does the clothes come with zipper and you clearly said yes it has, but when i received it, i didnt see my suggestion becareful with those minor mistakes to ur customer.. ur goal isnt only sell ur clothes but u satisfy ur customer..anyway...just ignore "crazy" kind of cutomers...
and to protect u, you canconsider to make more policies/terms to protect u...
good luck and keep it up...


lynn said...

eh, who's that TOP law student. even if top also doesn't mean she can act this way lo~ gosh. it's really this kind of people that give lawyers a bad rep. -_-

missypixie said...

hi Rie, thank you! just outta curiosity, which item with side zip are u referring to? haha, cos i usually dont handle the clothes so i am dont remember if they have side zips or not but i usually will double confirm first.. :)

missypixie said...

@lynn: ehhh, i don't know but it scares the hell outta me!