Thursday, September 16, 2010

sticky sticky days.

Flea was.....FUN!
Both of us missed NTU like mad,
the school ambience, canteen food, union day (??!!)
ahhhhh. it was nice being back to school.
Plus we met so many of our customers
(sorry if we keep pushing flyers to you,
we can't remember who did we bug previously, haha)
especially nice ones who made the effort to come all the way down
just to say hi!
Please say hi next time, we don't bite!

First day:

pulled GLORIA up, belt it
and it becomes a dress!
super handy on hot sticky days.
sharmie said she felt like a post-it board,
i can stick anything on her and it will probably stay.

first preview of our new maxi dress!

you cant see it clearly here but we have
blue, black, light grey & white

runway models in missypixie's apparel :)

Day Two:

wore one of MP's double pocket shirt,
up for launch this weekend.
super comfy!!

we had lull periods where we did nothing
and painted our nails.
This is some matte blue sharmie got.

or create some fancy storyland with our rings.

OMG, my beloved curry rice.
everything tasted EXACTLY the same.
right down to the crab mayo.

Day Three:

wore my fav black tank dress and a HUGE slouchy tee.

our table is super colourful, haha

this is tak-glam photo of sharmie
airing her thighs. oops.

Special mention for the BF who came
2 out of 3 days during lunch,
even dragging all his poor female colleagues with him
(who are so terrified they will be forced to buy,
they stood 2m away, hahahahha)
and picked us up everyday
as our coolie boy. :)

am super tired from 3 days of flea-ing
plus tomorrow is an early day cos we want to
start packing in the morning
before meeting suppliers to see samples
and collect stocks from backorders.
then photoshoot, pack stocks,
run to Post office,
stock in.

sighs, long day.

much love,


Anonymous said...

the maxi looks promising! izit a full or 3/4 length maxi??

missypixie said...

Full length! The cutting is really good :)

Anonymous said...

MP's double pocket shirt. Looks gorgeous! Is it sheer?

Anonymous said...

Hi! The rings are uber cute, mind sharing where you got them from?

Anonymous said...

hi when will you be launching the maxi dress? can't wait!

missypixie said...

material for double pocket shirt is thin but its not that sheer! was wearing nude undergarments and no one could see anything! :)

rings are from bkk!

and.. maxi dress will be launched later at around 10pm!!