Wednesday, September 29, 2010

yay or nay.

went for lasik evaluation with the boy yesterday and even though i didn't rest my eyes (apparently you are not supposed to wear contacts for at least 3 to 5 days before the evaluation date), the nurse made me do the tests anyway and....
i have irregularities on my corneas and thus am deemed unsuitable :(((((((((

nurse tells me to lay off contacts for a week and to go for a second evaluation next week so im gonna be a geeky nerd this week. have successfully (i think) made kel damn gian to go with me so that makes TWO geeky nerds! yay.

my eyesight is like 700 and 675 with 100 and 125 astigmatism for left and right eye accordingly. im pretty much a blind bat without my contacts/specs so in the event i develop complications from wearing contacts over a prolonged period of time, im gonna just stay put at home because i cannot stand wearing specs 24/7.

GEEK ALERT. please please please please make me suitable for lasik! please la!!!!!!! :(

anyway... check this out:
it can play flash and can connect with other BBs. how awesome is that! step aside lor, iPad!

and when the boy showed this to me over msn i typed, "OMG THANK YOU BUY FOR ME" and he proceeds to answer "ERRR WHO ARE YOU? SORRY WRONG PERSON".  -_______- no love leh.

speaking of love, some very nice customers have either wrote in to us/commented to cheer us up. thank you girls so much (: its little stuff like that that keep us going on even through negative feedback thrown at us at whim (and not giving us any chances to redeem ourselves..pffft) and really weird (?!) and demanding customers. kel will soon blog about one that made her hopping mad again today.. hahahaha. that girl really takes the cake man. if there's an award for consumer lunacy, she's bound to win it.

wanted to post pictures of my new buys and stuff i am super duper lemming for but they are all saved inside my lappie which is in the office and im using a laopok desktop and i can't even watch youtube because the speakers aren't working. bleurgh. methinks i should just go sleep now.

facial tomorrow! yay to zero blackheads!


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