Thursday, October 28, 2010

cotton candy skies.

No BF means i gotta find plans to entertain myself for the weekend
and i am at a loss.
I feel like planting myself at a cafe,
reading books and drinking iced chocolate.
I hope i dont feel lonely, haa.

i think the original colour faded or something..

i like this pair of shoes so much
i think i bought it.... 3 times. -_-'''

Went Ikea today with sharmie to shop for random stuff..

they have super cute tea towels!

wanted to do some halloween bride look,
cant get a proper shot without dying of laughter.

look ma! coconut boobies!

romper (missypixie) vest (sixties) bag (ASOS)

took outfit shot for sharmie as well:

No ikea trip is complete without ikea munchies..

hope we get nice stocks tomorrow!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi , has missypixie launched the grey romper before ? :) or will you be launching soon ?

Anonymous said...

what's with the position of your legs everytime you have your pictures taken.

missypixie said...

yup! we launched it previously and its all sold out!

Anonymous said...

hi kelly! u mean ur balanciaga bag faded? i was quite surprised! how could that happened?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly

you look really slim and pretty!

Anonymous said...

hey kelly, is your bal an anthracite in city? great color:) jane

Anonymous said...

do you knw where i can buy that exact grey romper?

Anonymous said...

hi may i know what is the romper called? when you sold it in missy pixie

missypixie said...

ah sorry! this is the one in anthracite, not blue roi!

missypixie said...

hello jane, thanks! yup, anthracite in city :)

missypixie said...

hi! its called sheyla grey but we are no longer selling it, supplier stopped manufacturing it already :)