Friday, October 1, 2010


I am going on my maiden voyage to Genting tomorrow!!
I know its super uncool to be so excited about going Genting
but i have never been there
(yes, sadly. super uncool)
and i think its nice to be able to go somewhere for the weekend!
Away from gmail at least, sighs.

Have gotten quite a bit of encouragement from customers and friends
since my last blog post
and all I am thankful about is that..
thank you for hearing me.
For listening to what I have to say. :)

Even though, like sharon said,
i met a customer who really had me hopping mad
(okay, i met like..maybe 5 customers in 3 years
who had me hopping mad.
like wanna kill myself kinda mad)
(i know what i am going to post next
will make me lose a customer
but i need to blog about this.)

Sometime back i sold this nice dress on MP
(i am being purposely vague so no one can point
fingers at anyone)
and when customer X commented for it,
it was already pending.
Thankfully, i was opening backorders for it
so i emailed her to let her know.
But she said she couldn't join the backorders
cos she needed the dress urgently for an event
and asked me to..
"please give it to me first"
"put me first on waiting list"
Okay, firstly, i cant do either
cos MP operates on a first comment basis,
it doesn't matter if you decide to bypass my invoice
and make payment first
cos i will still give priority to those
who bothered to stay awake on sunday night to order their items
and pay within 24 hours.
As for waitlist, i DO follow them.
If you are no. 10 on waitlist
and you want to
a) pay first
b) pay more
you still dont get the dress til i ask no 1 to 9.
Its called being fair.
So i told her i will inform her if any deal falls through
and she replied
"can you at least restock one piece of this first?"
okay my dear, if i could,
why why why would i open backorders??
So when i told her about the backorders option,
she asked me
"if backorder, 3 weeks is the fastest? can't get it earlier than that?"
okay my dear, if i could get it earlier,
why why why would i tell all my customers it will arrive in 3 weeks?
Then she asked me the chances of her getting the piece
and i told her its actually pending to one last buyer.
Then, in unprecedented MP history,
she said
"able to ask her if she can join backorder instead?"
"really can't dig out one last piece or something?"
"if you're keeping for yourself or something, can give it to me first? "
please help me contact that girl and let her know my situation,
ask her if she can give it to me?"

Yes, i am a seller, yes i would love money.
Especially a buyer who offers to pay immediately.
But, i DO have my ethics.
How can i possibly ask anther customer
to give up her slots and wait another 3 weeks
cos a particular customer X wanted her slot?
Why would that poor customer think of me???
Also, honestly, if i was keeping a pc for myself,
i would have passed it on to her,
but i am just shocked that she actually asked.
cos no other customer ever did so.
So I thought the story ended there.
Hell, no.

She emailed us again a few days ago,
asking if we had extra pieces from backorders.
By then, the backorder was opened for 3 weeks
and stocks were due to arrive this week.
So we told her we didnt have any
(which was true, all slots were filled
and i don't always have extras)
She replied
"omgosh, not a single slot?
can you give a slot to me like pleaseeeee?"
when i repeated no slots...
"did you get a piece for yourself? ):"
that same question.
OKAY, am getting pissed.
If i did get one for myself from BO,
am i supposed to just pass it to you?
When we made it really clear we didnt keep any for ourselves
nor for friends, family, relatives,
her reply was
"cant ask supplier to check?"

In the end, i gave up.
I really wanted to not reply her.
Cos nothing i said seemed to even make her understand.
Then she asked again
"any chances of bringing it back?"
If she wanted the piece so badly,
why didnt she join BO when i informed her about 3 weeks ago?
And then, come back 3 weeks later
to ask me about it
and REFUSE to accept my explanation that its sold out.
all gone. no more. nah dah.
I really dont get it.

At the end of the whole email convo,
i looked at sharmie and i cant decide to cry or laugh.
I told her, omg, i really give up.

So my point here is..
if there are available stocks,
we will definitely sell it to you.
even if its one last pc, i will dig it out,
remember you and email you about it.
some customers may even remember me emailing them outta the blue
to let them know i found one last pc of a particular item they wanted
that was previously sold out.
if we cant, because its either sold out, pending
or all slots filled for backorders,
we will tell you.
And no, we can't do miracles.
No more really means no more.
The suppliers cant dig out random 1 to 2 pieces
cos they normally place bulk orders for BO items
based on the exact amount we ordered.
This is to be fair so we are not forced to over-take too many pieces
or to allow them to have more pieces to sell to other blogshops.

So i hope the above incident showed a part
of our daily workday, and why i am getting older all the time.
too much stress and pek-chek-ness.


much love,


Anonymous said...

Hey, cheer up alright! I know that it seems easy for me to say so, but these customers are just the few bad ones that deter genuine buyers for your pretty pieces! Keep calm and carry on! :)

Anonymous said...


cheer up!! I've been a supporter of yours although I dont purchase frequently from you girls.. Just take this incident with a pinch of salt and let it go with the wind! =)

On a brighter note, I received a dress from you girls which came as a "surprise" as it was purchased by my bf for me after I commented that it was a really pretty dress! And why I said "surprise" was because he accidentally let me see his email inbox and I saw you girls' name and somehow I knew.. Lolx.. So cheer up!! Now even guys are buying from you!! =)

Anonymous said...

weird people are weird!!

missypixie said...

i try to keep calm everyday! sometimes, we laugh about it..but when i am more PMS-sy, i either get really pissed or...i cry. HAHAHA.

missypixie said...

omg! he is so nice!! who who?? tell me, I wanna know which dress he got..haha :)

missypixie said...

yes, their weirdness cannot be defined. sighs.

Anonymous said...

teehee.. he got me GABBY in blue!! =)))) Am loving the dress!! If you rem an address which is sent to MacPherson... that will be my address but his name.. Lolx...

missypixie said...

i know which one already!! hahaha, he wanted me to put the name as..."_____lina" as a surprise (i dunno if i can say it here), but i was too quick, i mailed the parcel out in 20mins. hahaha.

Jasmine said...

Hey babe!

I think that customer was being really unreasonable, and you've already been very patient with her. Don't stress out too much ok! I don't buy that often cos I'm overseas most of the time & the moolahs are limited, but the few times that I did you both have come across as really friendly & accommodating :)

Anyway, hope you had fun in Genting! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! he actually wanted u to do that?! Gawd~~ Lucky you're fast else I'll die of laughter if my maid just throw it away!! Teehee~~ He calls me that la.. Silly I know but oh well.. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
Just wanna say MP has been providing really good service and awesome clothes for me! Thank you for your sincerity and honesty towards customers! Appreciate and admire how closely you all have stick to your business ethics even in situations like these(:
Have a great day!

missypixie said...

thank you all for the kind words :)

and, whats your real name babe! i cant keep referring to u as... hahahhaha

Anonymous said...

Hahaha~ _____lina's real name is Joey! =)

missypixie said...

hello Joey! :)

Anonymous said...

=) Have a nice day!!