Thursday, October 7, 2010

hello, 6/6.

there's nothing quite like this - going to sleep at night somewhat hazy, and waking up with a clear vision. 
went for my first review today and nurse flashes letters to me, some of which i can make out and some i can't. i manage the tiny letters on the second line but not the third and am already given a pat on the back. doc says i now am slightly better than a 6/6; this is called super vision, and these are my eagle eyes.
its no wonder people say lasik is one of the best investments they've ever done in life - im starting to believe that as well. hell yeah. i just wish i could wear a slogan tee that says "just had lasik, don't judge", cos people are giving me stares when im walking indoors with sunnies on.
happy as a lark right now. off to rest my (eagle) eyes.
xoxo, sharon


Anonymous said...

hi there!!! i did my lasik ard 2 years back! glad tt it went well, feels like a dream right!!! coz all my time in pri to poly i wore specs... so i was realli thrilled tt i didnt ahve to wear them anymore! n its just magical tt u can see everything so well!!! enjoy ur spec-less eyes!!!!!!! rest more!!! love, flora

missypixie said...

Yesss I've been wearing specs since kindergarten so this is really amazing! I did the "take off my spectacles" action before going to bed last night lor. Hahaha. Yay to technology! Thanks for the concern flora, I'm gonna take a nap now :D