Thursday, October 7, 2010


okay, i am a chicken.
But it all happened too fast.
One moment I was the one pestering sharmie to go get LASIK
and she said she will consider
so i pegged it sometime around next year,
the next thing i knew,
she booked me in for an appointment
and tomorrow is the surgery.

omgomgomg, i am a big oversized fluffy cluck-y chicken.
cos i am freaking out like nobody's business.
every night since monday,
i have been lying on my bed
trying to keep my eyes open without blinking.
Training for the big day tomorrow.
then i get all those morbid thoughts like..
what if i sneezed during the operation?!
would my eyeballs pop out?
or what if i cant help it and blinked really tightly?
will the laser cut my lids instead?
okay, morbid. and a tad illogical.
But i am scaredy cat.
Sharmie is the brave soul who would explore weird bumps
and thumps in the middle of the night.
I am the one standing behind her,
hyperventilating and trying not to die.

I rather it a double eyelid surgery actually.
Then i can just close my eyes, not think
and open my eyes to beayooootiful peepers.
Or maybe thats just my superficial self talking.

on a totally random note,
i kop-ed mella's grey polish.
she got it from HK and it was the last bottle. boo hoo. is to no more specs Kelly.
Gone are those glorious days when specs could cover
a multitude of sins and i dont have to bother with makeup.

i will miss you spec-kies.

much love,
freaked out kelly


Anonymous said...

are you from china?you look like a chinagirl.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry babe! It'll be over in a jiffy!! Jia you and say hello to "no more specs and contacts"!!


missypixie said...

hmmm...nope! 100% singaporean.

missypixie said...

hey Joey, i hope so :(

Anonymous said...

heard of your bad rep in secondary school eeks

missypixie said...

Weird, I didn't know I had a bad rep in sec school! On the contrary, I had a rather good time in sec school :)

Anonymous said...

i don't know, some say you love attention and do things to gain attention of people. and like to think you're all pretty and stuff when you're not, lol.

missypixie said...

my poor dear, it has been 10 years ago and i am still a topic of discussion? wow.