Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Needs vs Wants.

i am... lusting after so many things, i don't know where to start.
in the past month, i went abit overboard with my spending e.g.
new flats, amongst other nonsensical shoe buys;
frenched my nails after eons;
studs, which are making my earlobes swell :(
anyone has the same problem?!??
i also got myself a new gym bag, idunnohowmany tops, pants, even more bandage skirts, then i bookmarked this shoe spree page and have been staring at this pair of wedges ever since:

until i saw the real deal at topshop and when it fit like a dream, i knew i had to get it.
am also in need of (in no particular order) - running shoes, big black bag, boots, knitwear and perhaps, someone to help me tidy my room. sigh. one thing at a time, one thing at a time.
anyhoo, went for my second lasik assessment today with kel and apparently the curvature of my cornea isn't normal, so they referred me to a cornea specialist.. who then certified that i'm fit for surgery! and since he's a specialist i'm gonna have to fork out more than usual... sian. there goes my hard-earned money. but i'm thinking it will definitely will be worth it (weighing against all the money i will be spending in the future on lenses and solutions and treating possible infections...).  i seriously can't quite imagine how it will feel like waking up in the morning and being able to see everything clearly - just thinking about it makes me feel excited already.
so i'm off for surgery this wednesday and guess what, kel's gonna do hers on friday as well! haha! we'll no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring our lenses/specs/solution/cases when we travel so that's a really big deal for the both of us. i'll be kidding if i said i'm not apprehensive about it at all but i just hope everything goes well smoothly, that the side effects are gonna be minimal, and that i won't have to go for a re-surgery. crossing my fingers and toes tonight. wish me luck!



baby said...


sorry i happened to see that you bought the chanel earrings!
can i please ask whether they are still instock in Chanel boutiques and how much did you pay for these (mini or big?)

thanks so much!


missypixie said...

hi dear! i bought them at the bangkok airport and not sure if its available in sg outlets. these are quite small cos i have small earlobes! its a classic design and i paid 366 for it, might be slightly more expensive in sg though! hope that helps :)