Sunday, October 10, 2010

one in a million.

okay, maybe one in 5000.
But i am one of those stupid LASIK idiots
who went for LASIK, only for it to FAIL.
I mean, how many cases of unsuccessful operations have you heard of?
And I am not talking about being unable to correct the vision,
i am talking about being unable to

Yah, i am seriously upset
cos i am hanging around now with cuts in my corneas
but apparently cuts that are not deep enough
for the doctor to lift the cornea flap
and proceed with surgery.
So all the crap I have been through,
i leave the operating theatre with bloodshot swollen eyes
and no 6/6 vision.

Am now waiting to recover and for my corneas to heal
nice and proper
before the doc will attempt to cut it AGAIN.
with a stronger laser beam.
I just don't know where else to get my guts from
to go through the whole bloody thing again.
And i feel damn suay can :(((

and the anon posting comments about my good ol'sec school days?
Please don't make my toes laugh.
It has been 10years ago
and you and your friends are still talking about me?
plus, for the record,
i didnt:
a) sleep around
b) take naked or sexual videos of self
c) get caught smoking or climbing the roof etc
and in fact,
graduated well enough to go TJ and go on with my life.
so...go on along with yours ok?

blind love,


Sharon said...

Hi Kelly! I was the one who dropped you and Sharon the long email, maybe 2 weeks ago? Poor thing, I really hope your second attempt at lasik bodes well! Rest plenty and I'm looking forward to MissyPixie's post tonight! Ignore negative comments, they are just green with envy! :) Cheers!

missypixie said...

hello Sharon, thank you for the concern, i hope i have the guts to go through it a second time!

Anonymous said...

oh no, sorry to hear abt your failed surgery. must be really traumatizing to go through it a second time! good luck to you! :)

i really hope the lara white BO is successful :D

Anonymous said...

which lasik clinic you went to may i know?

missypixie said...

hi, i went to the Lasik Surgery Clinic at Paragon.