Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Sunday

taking a break from photoshopping to blog 'cos my eyes are going all groggy from staring at the images o_O
finally met up with my g2 girls last night to celebrate pam's birthday - it was supposed to be a surprise whereby when she headed over to sue's, we'd jump out from nowhere with the cake and balloons but in the end none of these happened and she even had to blow her own balloons, hahaha. pathetic, pathetic. the poor girl was whining about it but i know having us around mattered more than anything else ;)
in the name of DIY, i decored a cake for her with our signature "ZOMG YOU'RE 25" slogan. 
and by the time we hit 3-0, the slogan's gonna be "I'M 30. FML." hohoho.
so pretty right my creation. 
and no party's complete without some moscato. happy belated birthday PPP! loves much.
no other photos because pictures are with the birthday girl. mehhh.

recently downloaded this app which features all the runway shows and latest collections - damn useful in our line of work. was clicking through and staring at all the pretty silhouettes till 4am in the morning!
 here are my top faves for Spring 2011 Ready-to-wear:
and then a few here and there which caught my eye; a chic shirt romper from Paul Smith amongst its very menswear-inspired collection which feels like the one we're launching tonight :)
a super pretty lace dress from Vivienne Tam;
and this very gorgeous mint green dress from Oscar de la Renta.
we're in the midst of manufacturing a ruched chiffon piece in pastel colours as well - crossing our fingers and toes that it will be ready to be launched for CNY 2011!

oh ya before i forget, we're heading down to NUS for flea this upcoming Thursday and Friday! details will be up on our website soon so do keep a lookout. a special shoutout to NUS peeps here - do drop by and say hello ok! :)
ok gotta get back to doing the images while anticipating my very late lunch from dad. ciaos.

xoxo, sharon


Anonymous said...

HI! where in NUS will you be? Will you be setting up you're booth at the science canteen? * fingers crosses*

Anonymous said...

ohhh what app is that? looks interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hi! where in NUS will you be?

missypixie said...

anon 1 and 3: we're gonna be at the business school! come find us?? :D

anon 2: its!

Anonymous said...

this is super pretty!!

missypixie said...

oooh yea understated ruffles on a smart jumpsuit :)